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This website was born in 2013 after several business failures. We felt that there was another way of doing things and that business had changed. Without further ado, we undertook this project and began to write about what we like, sharing our experience and learning.

Sonia Molinero Martin

Writer, Digital Editor and Literary Consultant.

Ruben molinero martin

Computer Scientist, Passionate about Self-knowledge, Online Marketing and Web Creation. Curious about the Blockchain.

Lorena molinero martin

Personal Coach, Writer, expert in Creating Changes and Internet Business.


Web Creation because it is the best way to express yourself on the Internet.

Digital Marketing because it is vital for you to be known on the Internet.

Mentality because to undertake you will have to transcend your limits.

Digital Money because we believe that a new economy is emerging.

Web Creation Tutorials

We like to create guides and tutorials on web creation. We use clear and simple language for those with learning difficulties. These are the most read guides on our blog:

Website with WordPress

Crear página Web desde Cero Home

With this tutorial you will learn how to create a website with WordPress from scratch. The secret map so you don't make the usual mistakes.

Website with Google

Página web Gratis y Fácil Home

If you are looking to Create a Simple and Free Website because you do not have many resources, this article can help you. Simple and free website.

Online Store Spain

Crear una Tienda Online desde Cero Home

If you need to Create an Online Store in Spain without overcomplicating your life, this tutorial will help you create your own shop window on the internet.

Create Shopify Store

Tiendas Shopify

One of the largest e-commerce platforms. With this tutorial you will learn how to create your own online store with Shopify step by step.

Create Mobile App

Crea tu App Home

Today Mobile applications are very important in any business. If you don't have any knowledge, this tutorial will teach you how to create your own app from scratch.

Ruben molinero martin

Rubén Molinero

Informatics / Blogger

I always liked doing things myself. Nowadays, thanks to the internet you can learn practically everything. You just need the right information and a lot of desire to put it into practice...

Opinion articles

We create opinion articles evaluating and analyzing different tools. We study the opinions of other people to have a more global and objective assessment. These are the most read.

opinion wix home

Many people start creating their website with Wix. That's why we decided to do a thorough investigation.

opinion webnode home

Webnode is one of the tools that we recommend using for simple web pages. That is why we analyze it in depth.

shopify logo

One of the largest hosting and domain providers in the world. In this analysis we will see what is behind Godaddy.

Logotipo Ecwid

Ecwid is presented as an alternative to Shopify to create your online store in all countries. We analyze their Pros and Cons.

Now We Talk Crypto

Blockchain and digital money is already a reality. That is why we have opened a crypto section within our blog to share everything we learn. The most relevant is:

La Guia para comprar criptomonedas Home

Buy Cryptos in Spain

Many people want to buy cryptocurrency but don't know where to start. This guide will walk you through the process from scratch.

Cointracking Guide

The application to record, track and manage your crypto history is cointracking. With this guide you will learn to use it from scratch.

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