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I finally sit down to write about Cointracking.

Lately I have focused on posting videos on my YouTube channel and I have abandoned the blog for a bit.

Before starting…

I have learned about Cointracking because I have invested thousands of hours to update my entire portfolio and do the tax return.

I live in Spain and here we have a very special relationship with the treasury. I am not a tax expert, I am someone like you who has had to find his life to try to make things right.

Let’s start from the beginning.

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Important: You do not need to buy cointracking now. By clicking on my link the discount will be saved in your account. If one day you decide to make the purchase, the discount will be applied automatically.

What is Cointracking?

I consider Cointracking the best tool to track and account for all the operations you do in the crypto world, with the possibility of preparing tax reports.

The company is located in Germany and it could be said that it is one of the first software that came out for crypto control and accounting.

Cointracking has been translated into Spanish. Today it is difficult to find tools of this type in our language.

As you know, we still do not have clear legislation in Spain, so we need a program that can generate a FIFO (first in, first out) report.

Still don’t know anything about the fifo method?

Fifo method for Spain

It is necessary to understand this concept and the best thing is that Jesus explains it to you with this little video:

There is still no crypto legislation in Spain. But what we know is that to declare cryptocurrencies you have to use the fifo method. Don’t worry, all this is calculated by cointracking.

Main functions of Cointracking

  • Personal analysis (you will see everything clearer).
  • Import and export operations.
  • Tax return and fiscal reports.
  • Currency charts and trends.
  • Professional help (good support, bad thing is still in English).
  • Security and Encryption (they will never own your cryptocurrencies or your private keys).

How Cointracking Works? – Tutorial

What cointracking does is «dump» all the operations you have carried out over time in a database. All these operations are normally in exchanges, wallets, portfolios, etc. All this is what you have to import to be able to make those reports.

To explain this process I have recorded a video tutorial. I think a video is worth a thousand words. I hope you like it and above all you learn:

10% Cointracking discount


Important: You do not need to buy cointracking now. By clicking on my link the discount will be saved in your account. If one day you decide to make the purchase, the discount will be applied automatically.

Cointracking Prices

Cointracking is free however it has limits, let’s see them. You can see the updated prices on their official page.

precios cointracking

If you are a person who has made sporadic purchases on some exchanges, perhaps the free version may be enough for now. Less than 200 transactions and the tax report is limited to 100 entries.

I started with the free one but bought the pro plan mainly for the API access. The api is basically a key to connect the exchanges to cointracking and automatically transfer all operations. This way you save a lot of time. Plus the pro plan is up to 3,500 transactions.

If you need more or fewer options, you can opt for the expert or the unlimited.

  • Free plan.
  • Pro plan: €8.99/month.
  • Expert plan: €13.99/month.
  • Unlimited plan: 45.99/month.

In this little video I tell you:

Link with 10% Discount.

By going from my link, a 10% discount will be applied to you in the purchase process. It doesn’t matter when you buy it, it will be saved in your account 😉

Important: the transactions included in each plan are the total movements that your account allows (not per year). If you exceed them you will have to upgrade the plan to a higher one.

Conclusions and Opinions on Cointracking

There are other crypto accounting software and I imagine more and more will appear. If I have chosen cointracking, it is because, in addition to being in Spanish, there are many specialized cryptocurrency agencies that use it. In my case, I prefer to delegate my statement to this type of agency and they are quite familiar with the tool, which reassures me.

Also I think it’s quite affordable and there are many customization options. The support is good, I have had to use it several times and I have received very good attention although «the bitch» is that it is in English, so use the translator.

Frequent questions

I have thought of opening this section with the most frequent questions that you ask me about Cointracking.

Discount coupon

You can get a 10% discount on any cointracking plan if you follow this link. The discount remains saved in your account and you can use it whenever you want. You don’t have to buy now.

Is the number of Transactions per year?

No. They are the total movements of your account. So you will have to hire the plan based on the total operations you have.

Is Cointracking free?

Yes. Up to 200 transactions and creating operations manually or by csv files.

Generate Tax Report

In this little video I explain the general tax report in Cointracking. Always consult with an expert to make the income statement.

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