25 Pages and Programs to Create a Cool Websites

Nowadays there are many tools to create a website. In this article, I would like to gradually gather a list of the best options that I have been studying for years.

This article is for you..

  • If you need to create a business, personal or online store website and don’t know where to start.
  • If you don’t have too much knowledge or none at all.
  • If you don’t want to invest large amounts of money in a programmer.»
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☝Pages for Creating an Online Website

hese are websites that integrate an online design editor. It’s the simplest way to create a website because they are very intuitive to use.

Although I will write my opinion of each one of them, it would be best if you try them out because you can do it for free. Many people are looking for the best web creation tool but in my opinion there is not one. What works for some does not work for others.

Each person is a world and to each his own. It will also depend on the type of website you want to create. You know you can write to me in the comments and I’ll be happy to help you.



Who doesn’t know Wix today? Surely you have seen some advertisement on television or the internet. It’s one of the most important web creators that exist. There are many critiques on the internet with negative opinions about Wix. It’s normal, all big companies have a percentage of people with bad experiences and they express themselves freely on the internet.

I would advise you to use Wix if you need to create a website that visually impacts. For example for creatives, freelancers, and independent photographers who need many customization options.

The good thing about using Wix is that it has an «App Market» where you can install a lot of complements for your website. For example forums, store, events manager, reservations calendar, etc. That’s what makes Wix really powerful.

Example of Wix Websites:

  • www.zapaterialastarria.cl
  • www.myoneusa.com
  • www.fullloft.com
  • www.outcoffechile.com/shop



I’m really liking this tool lately. The way it operates is not «drag and drop» like many others, they have incorporated a sidebar that for some is more efficient.

There is a free version and you always have the option to upgrade to a premium plan if you need more features.

Examples of Websites created with Site123:

  • www.big-honcho.com
  • www.irene-zy-chen.com
  • www.erica-hau.com
  • www.connermccain.com



Powerful and easy to use.

Webnode captivates me because it presents a clean and professional image. In addition to creating the website, you can incorporate features like an online store and blog. You can choose from many templates categorized by various themes. You have a free version that in some cases can be enough.

In my opinion, it’s a relatively inexpensive editor compared to other competitors. I would use Webnode to create simple business or personal pages. Here you can find different opinions about this creator.

Examples of pages with Webnode:

  • www.webnode.es/detalles-plantilla/9c2258
  • www.webnode.es/detalles-plantilla/d79ff0
  • www.probeauty.cz
  • www.webnode.es/detalles-plantilla/6c5b8f

4.CMS Hub


This platform offers you an easy way to design and create websites without any technical knowledge of HTML or CSS.

You can use their free hosting plan and choose from hundreds of professional web templates. Additionally, your website can be integrated with the CRM platform where you can manage sales processes and run email marketing campaigns.

Examples of pages created with CMS Hub:

  • Toyota: https://www.toyota.com.gt/
  • HackU: https://www.hacku.co/
  • Grows: https://www.grows.pro/
  • Corp Maresa: http://corpmaresa.com.ec/
  • Innova Schools: https://blog.innovaschools.edu.co/ 



A website creator that I recently came across. I think it’s interesting to mention it because it’s worth trying, simplicity, ease, and loading speed would be its last names.

Something that caught my attention is that its creator uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help you understand the idea you have for your project.

Examples of pages created with Zyro:

  • https://www.zenefits.com/
  • https://uniel.jp/
  • https://www.mighty.com/

6.Site Pro


This website builder is present in many hosting companies. So if you go directly to the main website, you can find very affordable prices almost straight out of the factory.

The builder is quite complete and you can create everything from a simple page to an online store and blog.

Examples of pages created with Site.pro:

  • https://borcov.com/
  • https://weddingdream.lt/
  • https://tata.lt/
  • https://dizainodoze.lt/
  • https://clientsday.com/



This tool is one of the best rated on Trustpilot.

Apparently, they have good customer service and that for me is the most important. This French creator doesn’t have too many templates to choose from, however, the editor has many customization options. On one hand, you don’t go crazy when choosing an aesthetic and later you can customize the template to your liking, it’s a difference to note compared to its competitors.

Certainly, it would be an option to consider if you don’t have knowledge and are looking for graphic customization options.

Examples of pages made with SiteW:

  • https://www.le-paradis-blanc.fr/
  • https://www.detecteurdefuitepiscine.fr/
  • https://www.frenchfreerunfamily.fr/
  • http://www.husfit.sitew.fr/



Ideal if you want to create an advanced online store. This system is one of the most powerful that exists.

The most laborious thing when creating an online store is inserting all the products, especially when you have a large warehouse. With Shopify, it’s easier and leaves you more time to worry about the most important thing, selling.

Examples of Shopify Stores:

  • www.matadorup.com
  • www.kdnewyork.com
  • www.shoparchipelago.com



Ecwid is rapidly expanding throughout Latin America and Spain. It could be said that it is a serious competitor to Shopify.

It can be a good option if you are looking to create an e-commerce. In addition, it has its own market of applications where you can expand the functionality of your store, for example, with dropshipping.

In addition, it is more economical than Shopify.

Examples of Ecwid Stores:

  • www.hermanitos.ch
  • www.otticaserviceeyeglass.it



Jimdo has been around for a looong time. However, it never caught my attention until recently. Previously, it had a somewhat outdated and outdated appearance but the new editor has captivated me.

You can use the system called «dolphin» that works this way: What type of page do you want to create? What is the name of your project? What are the goals of your website? What is the theme of the web? Do you connect your Instagram? Finally, choose between modern, elegant, minimalist, fun, fresh, sophisticated, choose the color you like best… and magic happens. The Dolphin AI says to create your website in just 3 minutes!

In addition, the prices seem quite reasonable if you want to connect your own domain and if not you always have the free option. It’s worth trying.

Examples of Jimdo Pages:

  • www.chrisfiddrich.net
  • www.doubled-media.jimdosite.com
  • www.craftmans.nl
  • www.julian-plachtzik.com



You’ve probably already heard of WordPress. It’s the blogging platform par excellence. This version is managed by a company and charges for services according to your needs.

Many people start with this version and later switch to the wordpress.org version (the unlimited version). I’m a fan of WordPress, this blog is created with this system.

Examples of Pages made on WordPress:

  • www.entrepreneur.com
  • www.guce.oath.com
  • www.nytco.com



Another giant of website builders is Weebly. Like Wix, it has many templates with very good results in terms of design. I advise you to use it if you are comfortable with English, otherwise, the support service can be a nightmare.

It’s clear that the tool is primarily focused on other countries.

Examples of Weebly pages:

  • www.douksnow.com
  • www.wall-in.com
  • www.kikoplastic.com
  • www.thewhiskeyball.com

13.Google Sites


It is Google’s website creation tool. Very simple and basic but for many «stupid» projects it can be useful. Over time it has improved and now it works through dragging and dropping blocks, as is happening with many other builders.

If you want to learn how to do it, you can check out this article: Create a website on Google.

Examples of Pages with Google Site:

  • www.sites.google.com/abrima.com/g-suite – (Web con el nuevo editor de Google Site)
  • www.sites.google.com/site/amigospornavidad
  • www.sites.google.com/site/ticlacatolica



Its name I think says it all. However, simple things can sometimes be the most useful. A tool where when you start you will see an assistant that guides you to the end.

For people with zero knowledge, for my grandmother for example…



It’s another Google tool created for the world of blogging, however, many people have used it to create a simple and easy website. I think it’s an option only for creating a hobby blog. If you’re serious about your blog, I would recommend using WordPress.

This tool is completely free and you can find it in your own Google account.



Squarespace is a CMS (content management system) that boasts of high-quality design templates. I understand that it is popular in other countries, but it hasn’t caught on as much in Spanish-speaking countries. In my opinion, with so many customization options, it can be a bit difficult to handle for someone without knowledge.

Try it out and let me know 😉

Here are some examples of websites created with Squarespace:

  • www.maiteuralde.com
  • www.healthyfreedom.co
  • www.madevibrant.com
  • www.eatwithzest.com



I include this tool for the following reason. We are increasingly using mobile devices to browse the internet. There is the possibility of creating a mobile app of the Web APP or PWA type. In reality, it is the sum of a website + APP that combines the best of both versions and makes it compatible with all mobile devices and computers.

It can be interesting depending on the type of project you want to create.

Examples of PWA or Web App:

  • https://www.frenchvanitytribune.fr/
  • https://www.theofficialkillarneyapp.com/



I recently tried a builder called Webador. I really liked the user-friendly and straightforward interface. I think it’s worth giving it a try and giving it a chance. It’s coming on strong and I sense that it will gradually position itself as one of the easiest creators to use along with Webnode.

Examples of pages created with Webador:

  • https://www.chocolatecookieballs.nl/
  • https://www.pulcherorchidee.nl/



A good option if you want to create a simple website for a business. I’ve been testing it and what I liked the most is the service. When you have a physical business, you have less time and you need the online part to work correctly.

Stikingly has focused a lot on support, although the prices are not too affordable. I like the web result quite a bit, clean, fast, and simple pages. They bet on the «one page» system (everything on one page).

✌️Programs and Offline Softwares

Programas para crear una pagina web offlineWhen I say Offline, I mean offline. It’s possible that you don’t have an internet connection and need to download a program to install it on your computer and design the website whenever you want.

This was the way of working in the past.

There are much more sophisticated applications but all of them require programming knowledge, they are html editors.

As this article is focused on people who don’t have much knowledge, I’ll mention the easiest to use.



You can download the latest version of WordPress to your computer and choose between two options.

  1. Install WordPress on your own hosting.
  2. Install WordPress on your local computer.

Personally, I prefer to work on the hosting from the beginning. But if you’re going to be working on the website for a long time, you might be interested in working from your computer.

If you’re going to be a professional blogger, I recommend creating a website on WordPress (.org version)



Ideal for creating online stores. It’s a system that has been working for a long time and is very stable. You will need some previous knowledge but nothing you can’t learn.

I recommend you download Prestashop on your computer and install it locally, this way you won’t have to hire hosting during the process of creating your store. This way you will have time to learn.

With Prestashop there are two options… either you fall in love at first sight or you move on as if nothing had happened…



A curious software. Unlike others, it is an application to download on your computer or mobile. Once created, you can upload it via ftp to your server, save it on your hard drive or publish it on Github.

The tool is free, but if you want a good Theme (template) you will have to buy it as well as other supplements. I have never created a website with this system but I have tested its functions and I have to say that it caught my attention.

I hope to release a more in-depth tutorial someday.

23.Adobe Dreamweaber


My first website was created with this program in 2002, I have a special fondness for it. Logically, it has changed a lot since then, but it is considered a powerful web creation tool. However, I see it more for people who understand programming or want to start in the world of code (html).

This program is paid and is also part of the Adobe suite. You may be familiar with applications like Photoshop. There are versions available for Windows and Mac.



Magix is a company with a long history. This web creation software is quite affordable. It has a more user-friendly appearance and is much easier to use than the previous one.

I think if I had to choose only one program to work offline, I would choose this one (after WordPress of course). You have a 30-day trial version.

You can download and try it out.



Another web design software that has been around for a while is website X5. It has over 1000 templates to use that are adaptable to all types of devices. You can create blogs, simple websites, forums, and even online stores. The good thing is that the program is a one-time payment and you could use it to create as many websites as you want (although then again, another thing is web hosting).

Although, if you buy the program, you will have free hosting for 12 months. It could be a good alternative to Magix Web Designer.

I hope this article has been helpful for you, you know that if you have any questions or queries you can write to me in the comments and I will be happy to assist you.

If you know of other interesting websites and programs, you can write in the comments and share it with all of us.

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