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In this article I want to analyze Webnode.

If you have ever used Webnode, I invite you to share your experience at the end of this article and you will be helping us learn more about this editor. More than 100 people have already done it, thank you very much!

Let’s start at the beginning, ok?

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☝What is Webnode?

Webnode is a web building cloud tool for people with no knowledge and little time to learn. It is a very intuitive visual web editor to use.

You can create your own web page without too much investment, even totally free (this will depend on your needs).

☝Webnode is ideal for…

  • People who have no knowledge.
  • People who do not have much time to learn.
  • People who don’t have much of a budget (or none at all).
  • People with businesses who want to have a digital image on the internet.

⚡Webnode Features

  • Simple Editor: works through a block editor. It is different from other editors and from my point of view it makes it easier. However, not everyone likes it.
  • Design: Even the free version has many templates to choose from. Current designs with a modern and light look. Designs adapted to mobile devices.
  • Online Store: you can insert an online store into the web with a few clicks and select different payment and shipping methods. I do not advise Webnode for too big stores.
  • Blog: you can incorporate a blog on your website.
  • Search engine optimization: you can optimize the page with meta tags, titles and include the «alt» attributes to the images you upload to your website. Seo functionality is something that has been improving over time.
  • Support: with good attention (we tried to send them an email and they answered quite quickly).
  • Web editors: you can invite more people to edit the web, ideal if you have employees.
  • User registration: User registration system.

🤑Webnode Pricing

You have the free plan and premium plans to expand capabilities.

princing webnode table


  • Free Plan: 100Mb of space and free Webnode subdomain.
  • Limited plan for $3,90/month: it is the cheapest and is designed for people who have their own domain.
  • Mini plan for $7.50/month: includes 1 year of free domain. For simple pages without online store functions.
  • Standard plan for $12.90/month: more advanced analysis functions, backups, more disk space, online store, etc.
  • All-inclusive Professional Plan for $22.90/month. All included.

⭐Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Free version.
  • Easy to use. Anyone can make a website. Virtually no learning required.
  • Recommended for making websites in different languages.
  • The editor is always maintained.
  • Backups with good functions.
  • Speed in publishing the web. In 1 day you can have it ready.
  • Aesthetics of the very functional and beautiful templates.
  • SEO is not his forte. All editors fail at this.
  • Although they may be enough, it has few design customization options..
  • Somewhat limited online store options.
  • Somewhat basic blog function.
  • It does not have an App to be able to edit the web from mobile devices.

🔥People’s Opinions about Webnode

I decided to go through the forums and blogs in search of a disappointed client of his, but wow… I didn’t find one🙄

I thought, “well, they still have everything super controlled and they keep their online reputation clean“.

So I turned to the one place they couldn’t control no matter how many magical superpowers they had, social media.

¡Surprise! All happy users, having pleasant conversations with them, asking their concerns and the best, getting concise and quick answers. Strange, this doesn’t happen very often…

In short, Webnode support seems to be correct. It is clear that the experience of each one will be a world.

If you want to read more opinions of Webnode you can see the reviews on trustpilot. They currently have an average rating of 2.7.

✅Examples of Websites Created with Webnode

Who better than the people who have been using this creator for a long time to know how it works? I decided to interview some websites so they could tell us their opinions.

I am very grateful to these people for their answers and their collaboration. (Alejandro): Hi, I’m Alejandro Calancha from Nevalia mountain guides. I tell you my experience with Webnode. I needed to create a website, and I had no experience. I was looking for something simple that will use some kind of templates that I just have to fill out. Searching the web I saw a blog that talked about several sites like this, and one of them was Webnode. I decided to try, the truth is that my expectations were not very high, but after a few hours seeing how simple and intuitive it was, I continued creating my website. After several days and seeing the result, I decided to transfer my domain to the page and upgrade to a premium plan. The truth is that I am very happy with the result, although it can always be improved. All the best. (Silvia): I chose webnode because I liked the interface and it let me create the website for free. When I saw how it looked and liked the result, I contracted the services with them. It is one of the few web creation portals with this free editing service without the need for prior payment.

At the same time that he was deciding on the service and attention as a physiotherapy consultation, he was creating and organizing the web. Once everything was up and running, I wanted to translate it and I had to increase the services without major problems. I liked that it was not a literal translation but so that you could prepare and post the text yourself. Otherwise I have had no problems. (Clémence Loonis): It’s been almost a year since I started working with webnode. It is a very comfortable and easy to use platform, communication by mail also facilitates the start-up of the page and it can be modified. Perhaps there is a limitation especially for positioning. I’ll see what I do when it’s time to renew. (Cristina): My name is Cristina, I am a dancer and I have been directing EnÁmbar Danza for 10 years, a platform from which I launch my choreographic works. I am in charge not only of the creation of the shows but also of the production, diffusion, distribution and promotion of the company. Being a rather precarious sector, I have had to learn to do many things for which I was not initially trained, one of them has been to make a web page. Among the options I found to do it myself, the one I liked the most was Webnode, because it uses a simple and intuitive system, it has many templates to choose from, and the prices are reasonable. I am quite happy with the service they give me, and when I have had a problem they have solved it immediately.

✍How does Webnode Work?

If you finally decide to create a website with webnode, I have prepared this video tutorial so you don’t miss out:

Free Start


F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions

I have decided to enable this space with some of the most common questions that you ask us in the comments.

1. Is Webnode Really Free?

Webnode has a completely free and functional version. The only thing that they assign you is a free domain of the type Some functions are logically disabled but you can always have the page at no cost.

2. How much space does the hosting have?

It will depend if you use the free or premium version. The smallest plan (limited plan) includes 100Mb. From here they begin to have from 500Mb to 5Gb.

3. Connect a Domain to Webnode

If you don’t have any domain yet then everything is very easy. From the configuration panel you will see the option to contract your own domain as long as it is free. It is not the same to see the free version «» than «». Aesthetically it looks much better.

However, if you already have a domain with another registrar, it is not necessary to transfer the domain to Webnode (you can change the DNS yourself). Although if you do not want to complicate your life you can make the transfer with them so that everything is easier. The only thing you have to pay is one more year that would be added to the seniority you currently have. They would not charge you anything for the change. It is necessary to have a premium package and there are some exceptions in domains .cl .ar etc. The best thing would be to contact support to configure it correctly.

As many people who have a domain have asked us a lot about this topic, we have decided to record a video for you:

Another very typical question is, do I still own the domain even if I transfer it to Webnode? Yes, but it is necessary to have a premium package. Webnode would be the technical contact of the domain but when making the transfer you will have to insert your data as owner.

4.How many email accounts do they include?

Email accounts are only included when you have a domain and can be activated from the most basic Mini plan (1 account). In the standard plan you would have 20 email accounts.

5.Languages in the Store

The language module is not active in the free account. You will have to change the plan to be able to use it. The standard plan includes 2 languages, if you want more you will have to go to the pro version.

Many people believe that it is translated automatically but you will have to do it manually. From my point of view it is correct because machine translations are not perfect.

Having several languages is like having several versions of the same website with different texts.

6.Webnode Online Store

Webnode has incorporated in its creator the option to create an online store. Once your account is created, you can choose between a web project and an Online Store.

Now you can add the form of payment through stripe, the system par excellence of any online store. In order to use the online store function, it is necessary that you contract at least the standard plan.

7.Blogging with Webnode?

Currently they have incorporated the option in all the templates. A blog has become an essential part of any web page. It is the dynamic part of any project and I recommend that you update it frequently. This option is only available for the web project option.

Now if the template you choose does not have the blog option, you can incorporate it from the «add pages» menu. This option is also operative in the free version.

The only thing I don’t like is that the comment system is through facebook. I think there are a lot of people who don’t like to write if they have to identify themselves with their real name. Although it will depend on the type of project you are going to carry out.

If what you are looking for is to create a blog in a more professional way, I would recommend using tools like WordPress.

8.Can I edit my website from a Mobile or Tablet?

Webnode does not have an app. This is something that should be fixed shortly. You can edit the web from your mobile but you will have to access it with the mobile browser.

9.Webnode Phone

You need to be premium to be able to contact by phone. Here you have all the possible ways to contact them. If you are looking for support, the easiest thing to do is contact If you are a premium customer, you will have the option to call the telephone number that they will provide you (the assistance).

10.¿Webnode o Wix?

Many people don’t understand wix because the editor seems too cumbersome to use and webnode’s is much easier.

One good thing Wix has is its app marketplace. With them you can create practically any web project.

I believe that each person is a world and each project too. It is best to try as both tools have free trials.

I would use Webnode to create simpler projects. If you want to consult me about your project write a comment and I will try to advise you as best as possible.

What do you think? Do you dare to try the platform and create your website?

I hope I have been helpful and that my research will help you make a good decision.

If you have something to tell me or would like to share your experience with Webnode, you can leave me a comment below, I will be happy to answer you 😉


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